The Bash! | Seattle Boudoir Photographer

Anchorage Boudoir Photographer

A couple Saturdays ago, as the snow was dumping, I was inside a cozy downtown Anchorage cabin with a group of incredible women, listening to Beyoncé, getting hair + makeup done, and sipping on mimosas.  Getting to shoot gorgeous ladies all day was incredible, and I won't lie, I've got some lingerie items on my wishlist now.  These girls brought some stunning outfits.  

I love doing these cozy boudoir sessions.  Not so glitzy and glittery, a little more raw and sensual. Natural colors and textures, moody lighting, and lots of curves.  

While we were warm inside, rocking out to Queen Bey, hundreds of women were outside walking down the street towards the Park Strip to join the Anchorage Women's March.  I was bummed that I (inadvertently) scheduled the Boudoir Bash for the same day as the Women's March, though I felt like we were celebrating women in our own way that day.  Still, I wanted to do something to show support for everything that people were marching for that day.  So, for all of February, I'll be donating 10% of each boudoir session booked to Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood gave me access to affordable healthcare, from breast exams and pap smears, to birth control, and it's the only place so many women can go to receive care.  So even though right now I'm fortunate enough to be able to get my healthcare elsewhere, I want to continue supporting them for those who don't have any other options.

Also, next week I'll be down in Tacoma, and I have 2 spots open for mini boudoir sessions, so if you've been wanting a session and are in the Sea/Tac area, now's your chance!  I'll be back in town in May, but until then, this is my only planned trip, so jump on it!  Email me at for deets!