The Adams' | Anchorage AK Lifestyle Family Session

Anchorage Alaska Lifestyle Family Session

Earlier this week I got to spend my morning with this cute collection of humans for a cozy in-home family session!  Grace is a fellow photographer and actually shot some maternity photos of me and my main squeeze earlier this year, so it was lovely getting to return the favor by doing some family (and maternity) photos for her family too!  Grace is pregnant with their second bebe, so we grabbed a couple wintery shots of her little growing bump too.

I love me an epic shot with crazy scenery, but even if we're just hanging out in a living room, or tromping through snow in a nearby park, the most important thing I get to capture is real emotion, real moments, real memories.  To be honest, my least favorite part of shooting a wedding is doing family formal portraits mostly because these photos are the ones with the least authentic emotion of the whole day.  You, stand here, ok smile, next!  I know that family formals are important and that oftentimes a wedding is the only time when all those family members are actually in the same physical place sometimes for years, but on a day when I get to capture so much emotion and so many memorable moments, family formals are a bit of a downer.  

Family portraits like this, though?  I'm into that.  They aren't perfect, there's no "CHEESE!" smiles, but it's real and it's what life looks like on that day, during that time of life, and I get to make images that capture that forever.  My parents have albums of photos that are almost all candid shots from the 70s and 80s and I love seeing those moments of them living life, being young, and seeing who they were before me and my brothers came along.  We don't flip through photo albums loving the posed, stiff portraits (this isn't 1850, people, we can move and giggle and squirm!), we love the ones where we see our mom's genuine grin, or our brother's smirk, our dog being goofy.

I want more of that.  More real.  More home.  More love.